Stacking Chairs - Benefits and Uses

Stacking Chairs - Benefits and Uses

When space saving is necessary and when furniture needs to be stored easily when not in use, stacking chairs have proven to be an advantageous choice. With their small footprints and stackable designs, these chairs are a popular choice for many businesses, including hotels, schools, clubs, restaurants, universities, theaters and auditoriums. They are also practical, with their main advantage that the chairs can be easily laid out with their lightweight design. When they are no longer needed they can then be stacked and placed in a small space. Many stacking chairs have corresponding dolls and trolleys that make it possible to quickly and conveniently stack the chairs when not in use. With the possibility of quickly storing the chairs, it allows the space to be used again for other purposes or when cleaning is required. There are many advantages of owning stacker chairs, including their low price, robust construction, versatility and comfort.

Low Price

Stacking chairs are among the most affordable furniture available because they require minimal materials in their construction, are easy to do and have a smaller size. They are also much easier in design, which does not require advanced features like other furniture, such as multiple ergonomic adjustments found on an office chair or leather upholstery that may be desirable on a sofa. Since they are usually a purchase of goods instead of just buying one or two, they are usually entitled to volume discounts, which can further lower the cost of the chair. Depending on the chair's design or the purpose of the chair, two factors may also affect the price. Plastic stacking chairs are usually among the cheapest in price and are good for outdoor events or when visitors will spend a limited amount of time sitting in the chair. Fabric, vinyl and heavy chairs can be a bit more expensive as they take more time to produce and require the use of more expensive materials.

Robust construction

There are many different types of stacking chairs available, each constructed with different materials, but they all have one thing in common, they have sturdy construction and most can even hold up to 250 kg. They are usually delivered with steel or aluminum frames, further enhancing their quality construction and come in different materials. Probably the most common stacking chair is constructed of plastic and can be found at many events, including parties, weddings, orientations and training seminars. Plastic stacking chairs are sturdy in construction and can keep to wear because they are constantly moved and stacked. There are also fabric stacks that come with either a fully stowed seat and back or one or more. They are more comfortable to sit on, but be careful when stacking because the pressure on the fabric can leave a permanent mark over time and the fabric can be ripped if it is in a hurry.


Perhaps the biggest contingent chairs have to offer is their versatility both in design and function. They have a lightweight design that allows them to move from one place to another with minimal effort and are small enough to fit almost anywhere. Many stacking chairs are also for indoor and outdoor use, so the buyer can get the most out of their money, whether they are needed for an indoor lunch one day or for an outdoor wedding next. They are designed to handle continuous motion and displacement with its robust construction, although some materials are better than others for this. Regardless of the size of the event, their small footprints allow these chairs to accommodate more guests than other furniture.


Although most often associate cheaper prices with cheaper products, this does not apply when stacking chairs. While they are less in price than most other furniture, the need for a comfortable surface is not to be built into the structure. Many come with a curved backrest with built-in backrest support and a waterproof edge. For most guests sitting in your chairs, it is enough to give them enough support and a comfortable sitting experience for a few hours at a time. If your guests will spend several hours in your chairs, investing to buy stacked chairs with padded seats that is fabric, vinyl or leather may be worth investing. Some more expensive stacking chairs are even delivered with an adjustable spine support for the correct location where the support will be needed specifically for the individuals behind and armrests.

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